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Light My Fire

Posted on Tue Jan 24th, 2023 @ 9:04pm by Captain Aven LaCroix & Lieutenant Commander Aria Winters & Lieutenant Ikuyo Kita & Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon

1,317 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: Mission 1: House of The Dying Sun
Location: Stabrase 84 | Docking Port

After all the commotion from the explosion down below, an apparent bomb given the evidence of the black billowing smoke and unfortunately, a stereotypical suspicious Yridian apprehended trying to flee the scene, Aven gingerly ascended a stairway with Lieutenant Kita to the upper level and made his way around to the the docking port where the USS Eclipse was moored securely. He had previously asked Lieutenant Commander Winters to inspect the science laboratories only several minutes before the explosion below. He had hoped that she was safely aboard the Eclipse, and not one of the dozen casualties or worse, one of the few fatalities of the incident.

Aven had also noticed the lieutenant that he had yet to formally meet, Hank Solomon leaving the chaotic scene below and ascending the stairwell, making his way to the docking ports. Was he truly a Starfleet officer? or Was he too involved with the Yridian? there were many questions left unanswered, and Aven did not bother to grab a security officer to escort him as he slowly made his way to the USS Eclipse, but by the time he had arrived, he had found the suspicious male lieutenant outside the docking port for the Eclipse and fumbling at the control panel of the bulkhead.

"Well now, I certainly hope that you are not looking to steal my starship for joy ride," commented Captain Aven LaCroix. "You did not stay down there to assist anyone, there a reason you've chosen to head up here?"

"Your ship?" Hank said turning towards where the voice was coming.

"Oh" he immediately stood at the attention as he noticed the CO's pins on the man's uniform "I'm sorry, Sir. Lieutenant Hank Solomon, Chief Engineer of the USS Eclipse" he introduced himself.

Ah, so he's my Chief Engineer thought Aven. "Captain Aven LaCroix" replied the elder man.

"I...I was headed here to embark on the Eclipse when the explosions went off and I thought it was best for me to come here and see if the ship had been damaged and in need of repairs" he explained.

He couldn't say that he did not blame the man. "Protecting our starship" replied Aven.

While the pair were in conversation the light above the docking port door turned from red to green, the metal door barely opening before Lt.Commander Winters squeezed her way through with a medical kit slung over her shoulder. In her haste she barely had time to register the two people standing directly in her path, barely able to stop before taking out either of them.

“Captain! Are you all alright?!” Even as she asked the question she seemed to be assessing them all for any obvious signs of injury.

Aven brushed off his uniform that had looked pristine only several minutes prior. "Not exactly how I wanted to spend my day, but I'm in one piece. It was an explosive device from the looks of it, and we apprehended a Yridian."

“Glad you aren’t hurt. I’m heading over there to help if needed,” Winters explained. “Figured best to be useful.”

"Hold off on that," Aven instructed. "The two of you actually may be of more use aboard the Eclipse. It recently came back from a shakedown cruise to test its sensor capabilities. Pull up those sensor logs and combine through them, let's see if we can find any unusual signals or starships that seem out of place."

Hank turned towards the newly appeared officer and nodded a shy salute to then silently nod to the captain's order.

“Aria Winters,” the science officer said by way of introduction to the other member of their group as she entered the access code to free the path back aboard the Eclipse. “Have you already been aboard? Fortunately her position meant the explosion didn’t have much impact on us than a minor shake up so hopefully your concerns aren’t warranted but I get you’d want to be sure and see for yourself.”

"Glad to meet you" Hank shook his head "No, I just made it here. The explosion caught me while I was on my way." he answered while embarking the ship and glancing around. "I'm sure the engineers onboard have the situation under control. I'll visit the department as soon as we're done with the sensors' review." he reassured.

“We don’t have many aboard but they seemed quite calm, which is a good sign,” Aria assured him.

Aven turned to the red haired woman who had helped him locate the docking port. "This is Lieutenant Kita, I believe she's our Chief Operations Officer," he explained. "She was a bit shaken herself by the explosion, but she helped me locate the Eclipse. Now, let's get to work. We have ourselves a storm before the calm. At least I do hope that this is not supposed to be the calm."

The group made their way through the docking area and onto the starship. "I'll leave the two of you to check those sensor logs" he said to Winters and Solomon. "I'm sure you're right about engineering" he added.

Hank simply nodded in acknowledgement to the captain while studying the interiors of the ship. All ships were pretty much alike but he had never served on a Nova Class. He then turned to the Chief Science Officer and, with a warm smile, he told her "Well, after you" awaiting for her to lead the way.

“Right this way. Fortunately it’s a smaller ship than you might be used to, but she has amongst other things one of the finest sensor suites in the entire fleet. I guess now we get to properly test them out.”


Aven had taken the Captain's chair, his first time seated in Eclipse's and turned slightly. "Lieutenant Kita, I want you to bring communications online. I want to converse with this Starbase's Commander."

Partially recovered from her ordeal, the red haired Operations officer turned around in her chair to face the captain. Her face was still pale and the images of the injured people were still fresh in her mind. Her skin still felt warm to the touch, even the smallest of breezes caused a cooling soothing sensation which would calm her. Lieutenant Kita was still a little shaken, but most of the trembles had subsided. "Aye... Captain. Bringing Communications... Online..." she stated taking deep breaths.

The lieutenants fingers tapped and glided over the smooth panel of the Operations Console as natural as a fat seal on arctic ice. Only a few seconds later, she spoke again, not turning in her chair but loud enough so the Captain could hear her. "Communications Online. I have a channel open to Starbase Operations." With that said she took another deep breath and slumped slightly in her chair, using her hand to waft cool air onto her face.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Admiral Antilles, this is Captain LaCroix of the USS Eclipse. My starship is still moored in one of the docking ports to your starbase. I'm requesting permission to summon all assigned crew to the Eclipse within the hour and requesting to disembark at that time. It looks like you have an investigation on your plate, and I am expecting orders shortly." Aven was calm, crisp, and to the point.

Rear Admiral Antilles was swift in their response. It was evident from the commotion from where they were, Ops or their office that they were putting out 'fires' left and right. "Permission granted, Captain. Antilles out."

Very well Aven thought "I shall see about finding a physician from the starbase to check my...minor injuries" he proclaimed. "I believe we can get this starship ready within an hour's time." With that, it was off to get himself examined.


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