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Bad Moon Rising

Posted on Tue Jan 24th, 2023 @ 9:15pm by Captain Aven LaCroix & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Baciami

1,041 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Mission 1: House of The Dying Sun
Location: USS Eclipse | Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room

Though he was a bit banged up from the explosion on the starbase, Captain LaCroix had received medical treatment and against protest from the starbase's Chief Medical Officer, he discharged himself AMA which had surely ruffled the physician's feathers, but he did agree to continue being looked at by the Chief Medical Officer assigned to the USS Eclipse. First and foremost, however, Aven had a meeting to have regarding the Yridian that was in custody aboard the starbase. He wanted to meet the officer who had detained the Yridian, impressed by her actions, and even more delighted to learn afterwards that she was his Security Chief and Chief Tactical Officer for the Eclipse.

Captain LaCroix had not had the opportunity to customize his Ready Room from the generic decor that donned the bulkheads and the room itself still had a fresh sterilized odor to it. Nevertheless, he had taken a seat at his desk and began reading through the woman's personnel file as he awaited her arrival. She was young, but that was expected with a lot of the crew assigned to the Eclipse. That in itself would bring about some challenges, but Aven loved a good challenge.

Adrianna was on time, as per her usual. She knocked on the doorway opening, since the doors were open. "Good afternoon, cap-i-tan," she offered a small, but welcoming smile.

"Good afternoon, welcome to my sparsely decorated and very generic looking Ready Room," he said with a chuckle though stopped because his injury made it painful to laugh let alone move too much. "I have learned that you are Lieutenant Junior Grade Adrianna Baciami, and that you will be my Security Chief. I wanted to first thank you for apprehending that Yridian, but to also apologize for the next few weeks, months, or however long it takes you to request a transfer."

"Are you planning on ridding me already, sir?" The woman asked bluntly as she rubbed her aching wrist. She'd over exerted it when apprehending the guy.

Aven shook his head. "No, do not take my phrasing as such," he stated. "I do not have much luck with Security Chiefs serving underneath me in the past, lieutenant. That is an unfortunate pattern that I cannot seem to break away from. It would seem that...and I quote my last Security Chief - 'Captain LaCroix has turned the position of Security Chief into a twenty-four watch to prevent him from setting foot off the starship. He has made it impossible to ensure his safety and I have no choice but to request an immediate transfer.' and that is only one of a list of Security Chiefs who have had the misfortune of serving under me."

Adrianna couldn't help a tug at the corner of her mouth, "I'm not your usual security person. I think you'll find we'll get along quite nicely." She gestured to the PaDD. "Do you have any questions about my record?"

"I find your actual service record to be acceptable, and though your family may appear to be baggage to some, I see it as an opportunity for you to show who you are as an individual and an officer" noted Aven. "I do look forward to getting to know you, but I would say you may want to heed your predecessors' advice and warnings. I will leave the safety of the starship from time to time. I will take a shuttle out every so often, and Yes, I will be a bit of a thorn in your side."

He looked at Adrianna. "I will not carry a phaser" he added briskly. "At least if I do, do not expect me to use it."

"That's what you keep us for," she nodded, "phasers and their use -- not for everyone. As for the rest, at least you have warned me. Just give me the heads up so that I can ensure we have. Back up blan or two."

Aven smiled warmly. "That is reassuring to say the least. Now, there is a bit of a situation on the station as you know. There was an explosive device planted and the Yridian you apprehended did test positive for certain residue, materials that security suspects are similar to those used in the explosive device."

Adrianna nodded, "you need me to get the full story." It wasn't so much a question, as it was a statement. "I enjoy using my interrogation skills."

"That's going to be a problem;" Aven replied matter-of-factly. "The Yridian is not talking, but one of the deceased is a Klingon. There appears to be a connection as the Klingon appears to have been the target."

Adrianna nodded, "shame, I like the practice. I'll do some research and try and trace it back. There's bound to be a reason and source."

"See what you can find," Aven said nodding. "There is a lot of unrest right now in the Klingon Empire. It would seem almost too cowardly for one Klingon to hire a Yridian to put a hit on another Klingon, but things have surprised me since I last wore a uniform."

"Far from a Klingon act," she agreed, "seems there would be no honour." She thought for a moment, "leave it with me."

Aven nodded. "Very well, I'll contact Rear Admiral Antilles of the starbase and ask him to hand over any information they are able to obtain. You can work your magic from the Eclipse, aid in their investigation and run your own routes. See what you can uncover."

"Si, sir," Adrianna smiled, "anything else?"

"We aren't that large of a crew, Lieutenant. Be prepared to have your department stretched thin at times. Science, Operations, and Engineering will have the majority of the personnel. Security is going to be low on man power."

"Where there's a will," she began, "I'll take what we have and ensure everyone is up to scratch on their basics."

Aven gave a nod of approval. "Excellent, I'll leave you to it, lieutenant. Dismissed" he added, but it wasn't the swift commanding tone that most Commanding Officers would give. This one was softer, gentler, almost kind.


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