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Captain Aven LaCroix

Name Aven LaCroix

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 75

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight ~ 152 lbs
Hair Color Silver Grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description In his prime, Aven LaCroix was an somewhat athletically fit individual with the physique of a swimmer. Those days are well behind him as he continues to age gracefully into his "golden years" though everything appears silver, grey, and white rather than radiantly gold. His body is slim rather than trim, and frailness has replaced any fa├žade of athleticism that was once there. He has thin silvery grey hair with patches that are turning towards the whiter side. His hair line has receded with age, but he does not appear to really be balding.

His eye brows are expressive and furrowing. He is Caucasian with strong European ancestry. His complexion and skin is as to be expected of a man in the later years of his life though he still appears to have that spark about him that does not seem to extinguish yet there are moments where it flickers. Aven's eyes are like blue marbles always full of curiosity and though his many years of experience show on his face and body, the youthfulness of an inquisitive child can still be found within his gaze.


Spouse Widowed

Personality & Traits

General Overview Giving off an aura of tranquility and peace, Captain Aven LaCroix's Lancashire accent is even-keeled and consistent. Rarely, if ever, does it escalate or sharpen in tone. He is too well disciplined to give indication of frustration, disappointment, or anger without it mounting up. He radiates harmony and community, an orderliness or cleanliness that few can match. Opting to avoid conflict, Aven is always willing to listen to differing opinions or varying views even if it will not persuade him from his own decisions or beliefs. He much rather ensure that everyone feels heard and recognized rather than shutting them down or dismissing them outright.

He is a gentle and agreeable individual, and had always been an old soul yet still has that childlike wander in his eyes even with all the wrinkles etched on his face from over seventy years of a life well lived. He appreciates the little things and life, and knows how precious time is. The sands of time are not in anyone's favor, but Aven especially understands that he has lived more years than he has left to experience, and that at any moment something or someone could take that from him prematurely.

Captain LaCroix's creativity, cleverness, and wisdom were the hallmarks of his Starfleet career and had been his bread and butter. Once having to pick up where a great Captain, contemporary of his times had in the Beta Renner system, Aven and his starship at the time were asked to oversee alleged peace talks between the Selay, Anticans, and a species previously unknown to the Federation. Though peace was ultimately not found, Aven did force the representatives for the Selay and Anticans to co-exist in a room for several hours without a homicide.

He is a very genuine and sincere individual, and his communication skills lead him to becoming a Federation Ambassador after he retired from Starfleet. These seasoned years as an ambassador only built upon his communication skills and personal commitment to peacekeeping. His inquisitive nature can turn into investigative and sometimes even a bit intrusive if he does not remember personal boundaries. Though introverted in some aspects, he is generally viewed as extroverted by most because of his nature to be a bit of a social butterfly. Having to attend thousands of banquets and conferences over the years will do that to a person.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

  • Grounded
  • - Aven LaCroix is a grounded individual. He is not quick to incite, anger, or agitate. His natural coolness tends to deescalate situations, and he never starts a fight though he will end one ideally through peacekeeping diplomacy.

  • Pacifist
  • - Carry a phaser? You'd be unlikely to find one on him as much as his Security Chief's would prefer. Over his years as a Commanding Officer prior to retiring, he alone had been the cause for several Security Chiefs to request reassignment. Part of their job is the safety of the Captain, and Aven did not make that easy for them with his personal 'no phaser policy' especially when he would assert himself into the picture by leading an away team or joining them after it was 'secure' for him. He views this as one of his strengths, but it is arguably a weakness.


  • Selective Hearing
  • Though he has a respect for policies and procedure, Captain LaCroix will pick and choose which he listens to and which he conveniently forgets. Sometimes, this comes in handy and helps the crew complete a mission. At other points, it borders on breaking a few regulations that Starfleet Command hasn't been too fond of, but they couldn't argue with the results.


  • Sporadic and Spontaneous
  • - In some aspects, this can be a strength. The unpredictable nature of what Captain LaCroix will do next can keep an adversary guessing, but it can also cause a crew to become perplexed by command decisions that he makes. Off duty, this can cause friendships and relationships to be tested. You can never get comfortable with Aven LaCroix without expecting to expect the unexpected.

  • Fluctuating Self-esteem
  • - This is one of the selfish reasons that he has returned to active service with Starfleet. After years of being an Ambassador, retired from Starfleet service, he would wrestle with the thoughts gnawing and nagging at him. What was his legacy? and he was uncertain of the answer. He did not care about going down in the 'history books' along with names like Archer, Pike, Kirk, or Picard, but he did not want to be forgotten to time. He's looking to revitalize and rejuvenate his career with this second wind that he has.

  • Curiosity
  • - It is said to have killed the cat, and it very well may kill him. He simply put, cannot leave well enough alone. He always pokes about and wants those unanswered questions to be married with some sort of resolution. He wants to solve the puzzles and answer the riddles. That is likely why science has always been his soul and exploration has always been his eyes.
    Ambitions With seventy-five years of experience behind him, Captain LaCroix has all but seen and done it all. His bucket list has been crossed off. Whereas some would love to transition from starship command to the upper echelons of Admiralty or take the pathway into politics, Aven has no such ambitions. There were reasons he retired when he did just as they are reasons he rescinded his retirement. His return to active service with Starfleet is not to move up the ladder. If he has any ambitions at this point, it is to explore the stars one last time before he takes his last breath which with modern day medicine means he can expect to become a centenarian, but he's not looking forward to that.
    Hobbies & Interests
  • Musical Theatre
  • - Aven has always been interested in performance arts. He enjoys musical theatre and has been known to be a bit theatrical himself.

  • Classical Music
  • - He finds it calming to listen to classical music from Earth and other worlds while reading through reports.

  • Book worm
  • - Having a private library in every starship he's commanded, Aven LaCroix is well read, especially what would be considered the classics.

    Personal History In the early years of his Starfleet career, Aven LaCroix was a bright young officer serving in the science department of various starships over the course of several years. He spent a few years aboard the USS Houston as a junior science officer with a background in the social sciences. Anthropology and History were his primary concentration while a cadet at Starfleet Academy, but had been a natural in his Xeno Linguistics courses though he played it safe with a Federation language of Vulcan. It was really the calligraphy of old Vulcan that drew him to the language rather than the grammar or conventions of the spoken language. From time to time, it would come in handy while the USS Houston discovered Romulan and proto-Vulcan artifacts along the Neutral Zone. The period after the Tomed incident left the Federation hearing nothing from the Romulan Star Empire, but was an excellent opportunity to study ruins on worlds that had previously had Romulan settlements.

    After a few years aboard the Houston, Aven LaCroix (now a Lieutenant Junior Grade) was transferred to the Apollo class starship, the USS Apollina in a similar capacity as his previous posting. Though the USS Apollina had a more robust science department. He was in the position of A&A Officer (Anthropology & Archaeology) though his strengths were certainly more sided to the anthropological end of things. Seven years aboard the starship saw him on countless scientific away teams, setting foot on dozens of alien worlds as science officers and engineers worked closely excavating sites. Aven became quite proficient with a phaser drill, and his tricorder was always on hand. The more time he spent as A&A Officer, the more responsibilities he took on, and the more natural of a fit it was for him to eventually work his way towards the top of the science department somewhere.

    It would be the USS Cyprus where as a lieutenant that Aven LaCroix would find himself acquiring more time at one of the science stations on the bridge and a decreased amount of time in the science laboratories aboard the starship. Being named Assistant Chief Science Officer gave him a taste of what running the science department was like, especially when the Chief Science Officer was off the ship for awhile. Initially, he struggled with the demands. It was a lot more 'paperwork,' personnel management, and resource allocation than it was actually studying anything or conducting experiments. He did eventually come to find some enjoyment out of it once he realized that getting to know the personnel in the department went a long way.

    Seven years on the Cyprus brought about new change and more leadership with nine years of distinguished service aboard the USS Prospero, a Miranda class starship. He began serving on the Prospero as Chief Science Officer and Second Officer after having spent a few weeks working on and successfully completing some command courses to prepare him for his position of Second Officer. He would routinely have command of the 'night watch' on the bridge of the Prospero. As Chief Science Officer and Second Officer, accompanying the First Officer on away missions became a normal routine for him even if it was not the best use of his scientific expertise, he appreciated the opportunities presented to him to gain more experience in other avenues. Little did he know that the First Officer was essentially training him to become her replacement when she earned a command of her own only a few years later.

    Those next eight years aboard the USS Prospero as a Lieutenant Commander and later Commander were as First Officer. If he had ever been caught off guard, it was when he was chosen to become First Officer. The Captain spent hours upon hours helping him prepare for his Bridge Commander's examination to satisfy Starfleet Command and quell their concerns. In the interim, as Lieutenant Commander, Aven was 'Acting First Officer' until passing the examination and receiving his third 'solid' rank pip to achieve the rank of Commander in 2352. Over the next several years, Starfleet Command found themselves more than satisfied with his performance as First Officer aboard the Miranda class starship. He was well on his way to carving a path towards a command of his own which he would later receive.

    In a span of ten years, Commander Aven LaCroix became the Commanding Officer for two starships. His first command was that of an aging Ambassador class starship in 2358 which he held command of until 2360. The USS Benediction had primarily been assigned to 'low priority' first and second contact missions, but was a suitable command for an officer with Aven LaCroix's background. He was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2360 when Starfleet Command gave him his second command, the larger and more contemporary USS Geneva, a Galaxy class starship. His missions were of much higher priority as he and his crew worked along the Federation-Klingon border. Over the years, Captain LaCroix built a strong relationship with Chancellor K'mpec. They had dined together on many occasions, and Captain LaCroix took it personally when K'mpec was murdered in 2367. The months following were difficult on him and he ultimately chose to begin the process of retiring from Starfleet, a decision he did not regret at the time.

    It was the souring of Federation-Klingon relations and the escalations into a Federation-Klingon war in 2372 that caused Aven LaCroix to take up the mantle of Federation Ambassador to Luria. His position as a the Federation's Ambassador to Luria only picked up importance during the subsequent Dominion War as Luria had some strategic importance being located near massive Ionite nebulae. Though Luria had ultimately remained neutral during the war, there were times where it seemed plausible for them to form an alliance with the Dominion. Ambassador LaCroix played a notable part in ensuring that never came to fruition. After the end of the Dominion War, Aven returned to the quiet life of retirement for a handful of years.

    Service Record 2326-2333: USS Houston | Science Officer
    2333-2340: USS Apollina | Science Officer
    2340-2347: USS Cyprus | Assistant Chief Science Officer
    2347-2350: USS Prospero | Second Officer & Chief Science Officer
    2350-2358: USS Prospero | Executive Officer
    2358-2360: USS Benediction | Commanding Officer
    2360-2368: USS Geneva | Commanding Officer
    2368: Retired from Starfleet
    2372-2375: Federation Ambassador to Luria
    2379: USS Eclipse | Commanding Officer