The Sim

The USS Eclipse (NCC-72382) is a Nova class starship operating under the banner of the United Federation of Planets conducting missions at the behest of Starfleet’s Science Corps with support from the Stellar Imaging Division of Starfleet Sciences and The Daystrom Institute. Her classification is that of a frigate though her role is that of a surveyor and research vessel. The USS Eclipse was one of several Federation starships tasked with second contact missions, re-charting systems, and studying stellar and planetary phenomena in the Beta Quadrant.

Refitted with Bio-neural circuitry and some of the latest bells and whistles, The USS Eclipse is considered a sister ship to the USS Equinox for which her Captain and crew have a personal stake in cleansing the Nova class from the actions of the Equinox’s crew. The sins of slaughter will be washed away with the dedication to science and exploration. A mixed crew of Starfleet personnel with a few up-and-coming officers must work cohesively with some brilliant civilian minds.

Designed for scientific purposes, the USS Eclipse has an emphasis on sensors and probes rather than a heavy armament. She’s not the fastest starship, maxing out a bit shy of warp factor nine and a cruising speed of warp six; however, equipped with state-of-the-art deflector shielding with nutational rotational shifting, the USS Eclipse has been built to withstand some difficult confrontation. If she needs to defend herself, the starship is armed with two fore and one aft torpedo launchers and Type-IX phaser arrays capable of delivering a message that she is not completely without teeth.