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From There To Here

Posted on Sun Mar 26th, 2023 @ 9:44pm by Ensign Ethan O'Donnaghue

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Mission: Mission 1: House of The Dying Sun
Location: Starfleet Academy/Runabout Posidon
Timeline: Current

EJ had most of his room packed, The only things he really needed to pack now were his old-school hardback and paperback books. EJ Put most of those into a big brown box and placed them by the door. His red tunic was half buttoned up as he drank from his large coffee mug, He had been waiting for this day for what seemed like forever, and the young Irish helmsman looked around at his now spartan bedroom. His whiskey-brown hair fell to one side as he grabbed his pack full of his essential traveling items.

He shoved his backpack on and pressed his comm badge “Transporter Room My belongings are ready to be beam aboard the Runabout Possidon” he said as his comm badge chirped back “Understood Ensign Transporting now” EJ ran his hand through his hair as he exited his bedroom, He took one more look at what had been home for the last 4 years.

He had already taken his fish tank to his mother and father's house in county Wexford, on his vist to them 6 months ago, just as the blast door opened he felt the boxes in his room transport out. His Dorm wasn't that far from the main campus, The day his assignment to the USS Eclipse came through he felt joy, elation and a sense of home.

Walking through the quad of Starfleet academy, so many new cadets were milling about. Soon enough these fresh cadets could all be experiencing their first cadet assignments aboard ships, much like he had in his senior year.

Luckily his bunkmate a Romulan by the name of Torvuk had shipped out 3 days prior to EJ being assigned to the Eclipse, leaving the young ensign enough time to pack up his things from the room. Torvuk had been EJ’s best friend at the academy, they had gone through a hell of a lot together in their time at Starfleet academy. Torvuk was the only person who had never underestimated EJ, Torvuk had taught EJ a great deal about Romulan society but most importantly torvuk had taught him the ancient Romulan martial art of kormerek.

Entering the main building of starfleet academy, he walked into the turbo lift “Computer Shuttlebay” he said as he readjusted his backpack on his wide-angled shoulders. The Turbo Lift Clicked and Whirred to life, The turbo lift whirred to a halt.

EJ Stepped out into the shuttle bay, as he entered a young ensign poked her head over the duty desk “Ensign O’Donnaghue” She said as he came round the corner “Possidon Runabout is ready for you” she said as he tilted his head “Thank you As Always Rhia” he said with a slight smile as he walked away from the duty desk. EJ and Rhia Lebaux had been in an entanglement for months, but him being now assigned to the beta quadrant meant that entanglement had now ceased to exist, EJ was cordial towards her but it was all just a bit of fun as to which they both understood the parameters of relationship they shared.

EJ walked up to the runabout Poseidon “Ensign O’Donnaghue god speed” The deckhand said as the ramp to the runabout came down, revealing all of EJ’s packed boxes.he placed his back pack on the small bed at the back of the runabout.

Walking to the front of the runabout, EJ pushed the chair closer into the console “Shuttlebay 1 this is Ensign O’Donnaghue Ready for departure” he said as he pushed up his fingers on the touch pads to initiate impulse engines “Runabout Posidon you are cleared to leave God speed to starbase 84” The shuttle bay ensign spoke as the runabout flew out of the shuttle bay heading for the upper atmosphere.

=</\>=Runabout Posidon=</\>=

EJ Had been at warp for about 3 days, Over the brief hum of the warp engines, Music could be heard as EJ Was sat on his bed reading a padd, on that padd was a federation alien anthropologist’s dissertation on the hoosnuck and there unfortunate demise. He put the padd underneath his arm as he walked over to the replicator in the main bridge of the small craft “Computer Flat white 2 sugars hot” he said as he sat at the helms console.

The Replicator whooshed and whirred to life, EJ walked over to the replicator and picked up his coffee. Sitting back down at the chair, he placed his feet up on the a joining chair “Computer how far out are we from Starbase 84?” he said as he sipped from his coffee “We are 2 hours out Ensign” the computer spoke “Understood computer” He said returning to his padd, the coffee was hot in his hand as his eyes scanned the padd as he drank another length of his coffee.

He walked back over to his small bedroom but left the door open so that he could check on the ETA of the journey.

EJ had finished his coffee and the reading of the hoosnuk dissertation “Ensign O’Donnaghue we are dropping out of warp we have reached starbase 84” EJ grabbed his tunic and his bag and brought up to the helm station.

Pressing the hail button on his console “Starbase 84 This is the Runabout Posidon am i cleared for docking” He said buttoning up his red tunic all of the way “Affirmative Poseidon you are cleared for docking We will Let the USS Eclipse Know you have arrived” The operations ensign spoke “Thak you Pulling the runabout in now” he spoke as he let he the inertial dampeners and thrusters take him into the spacedock class station “Starbase 84 to Possidon?” The operations ensign spoke over the tanoy “Go ahead” EJ spoke “Transporting your belongings directly to the USS Eclipse Ensign see you soon” the operations chief spoke and like that his boxes disappeared into a flurry of blue.

The Runabout landed in the shuttle bay, EJ Grabbed his backpack and his Sidearm, awaiting for the runabouts ramp to open, He smiled as the back door of the runabout opened and the sounds of an active shuttle bay sprung to his ears “Space the Final Frontier” He spoke under his breath as he stepped off the ramp into the very loud shuttle bay of starbase 84


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