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Ensign Ethan O'Donnaghue

Name Ethan James O'Donnaghue

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Whiskey brown
Eye Color Sea Blue
Physical Description Ethan stands at around five feet and six inches, his hair is a mousey brown and his eyes a deep piercing blue.He has quite the angelic face to look at, but he keeps his beard trimmed to a goatee and always looks presentable. He looks a lot like his father, even down to the boyish charm. Ethan likes to keep his hair up with Gel and always tends to do this before he starts his shift. Ethan knows how to look after him self, his arms are full of scars from hand to hand to training at the academy. Ethan’s eyes are normally the first thing you notice about him, rather a lot like a huskies in comparison.

Ethan off duty tends wear t shirts and jeans and boots. Hes always been fond of darker colors, blacks and reds are his favourite clolors. Ethan also tends to cover up his arms in fear that he’ll get questions about his scars, Ethan has always kept his style relatively the same throughout the years but has altered it slightly.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Padraig Montgomery O'Donaghue
Mother Theresa Lillian O'Donaghue
Brother(s) Craig Alexander O'Donaghue (USS Andromeda)
Padraig Montgomery O'Donaghue II (Starfleet Acadamy)
Sister(s) Isabella O'Donaghue (Starfleet Intelligence)
Other Family Rixton (Boarder Collie)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ethan has always been a very intelligent young man, he has a heart of gold and will put his heart on the line for his crew mates if they so wished it. His loyalty knows no bounds, as long as you have his loyalty you’ll always have his trust. As long as you keep up your end of the bargin you will always have his loyalty. Ethan trades in loyalty and says that it’s the only currency you should have. The young helmsman has always been the odd one in his friendship group, was always a misfit but he never let that hold him back.

Ethan has always been quiet around people he doesn't trust or people he doesn't get on with, purely because his mother taught him if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. Ethan has always had a warm heart and cold palms, he has so much love to give the world and would give anything for anybody. Ethan Doesn’t particularly like Romulans or Klingons for that matter, after the wars that were caused because of those species, Ethan is not quick to trust them or let any of them near his loved ones.

Ethan has always been an avid reader, he loves reading science fiction. But his first love will always be maps and navigation records. Ethan doesn't really have time for people who ask the stupidest questions he has no tolerance for people like it, he's very quick to anger sometimes especially if you upset his loved ones or his crew for that matter he’ll fight you to the death if you even think about hurting those he's close to.
Strengths & Weaknesses trengths:
Hand to hand combat
Map reading and navigation
Armed combat

Quick to anger (sometimes)
Not very tolerant of certain species
Protective Nature
Getting into arguments
Ambitions To one day Captain his own starship
Have a loving family
Hobbies & Interests Reading Sci-Fi Books
Map reading
Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Personal History Ethan was brought up in county Wexford, Northern Ireland. His father was a Starfleet officer and his mother was a florist. Being brought up in Northern Ireland there was a religious struggle as there always had been, Ethan’s family were stark Catholics, so ethan was raised as such. Ethan's father Padraig was a medical officer on board an NX class ship, During the Romulan war Padraig spent many years away from his family. When the war was finally over Padraig returned home a different man than he left.

Even from a young age, Ethan was obsessed with compasses anything he could get his hands on, his father taught him how to read maps and use a compass. Ethan would study maps and read the Ordnances, if there was one thing the boy knew it was how to not get lost, Soon though his father became the owner of his mother’s florist shop, together they ran the tiny little shop in the center of Wexford.

Ethan wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, wanting to join Starfleet after he finished his schooling, however unlike his father he wanted to be at the helm of a starship in charge of its navigation and its engines. His brother Craig graduated when Ethan finished school, Craig majored in security but instead of going down the officer route, Craig decided on enlisted. Craig's first assignment was the USS Andromeda, a ship that his father was once the chief medical officer on.

Ethan left school and joined college deciding to study A levels in English, Drama, Philosophy, and Media studies. After 3 years in college, he graduated with high marks and decided to join Starfleet academy. The next years ethan started training to not only be a helm officer but decided on officer training as well.

Ethan has now graduated from Starfleet academy with the rank of ensign, he's been assigned to the USS Eclipse, as their chief helm officer his first assignment after graduation, Hes both excited and scared at the same time about what will happen only the gods know, but he is prepared for anything he's been preparing for years right?
Service Record Starfleet Academy (Helm and Officer Training)
Graduates Starfleet Academy
USS Eclipse (Chief Helm Officer)