Mission 1: House of The Dying Sun

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A few years ago, the Klingon Empire experienced a coup d'état in which recently ascended Chancellor Martok’s two daughters were abducted and slaughtered like targs. In response to this barbarism, Chancellor Martok saw to it that the p’taq responsible were slain, and that all Klingons found to have conspired against Chancellor Martok met the swift and sharpened blade of a bat’leth, compliments of the Klingon Empire. It was a bastard child of the Chancellor which had been found to be responsible, and all was put to rest.

That was until a recent attack on members of the House of Martok. Blood-soaked fields on the world Datraga along the Empire’s border with the Romulan Star Empire have brought about accusations and suspicion. The Romulans have rejected accusations of having any involvement in what they have dismissed as instability of the Klingon Empire. Others, look at the previous attempted coup as signs that not all was put to rest in 2375.

The Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS is seeking answers and Starfleet Command wants to avoid another Klingon Civil War, or worse, a war being declared by the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Empire based on nothing but suspicion and years of bad blood. Latest intel indicates that whoever is responsible for the recent attack on Datraga had mounted it from the nearby Nequencia system, across the Romulan side of the border.

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