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Lieutenant Ikuyo Kita

Name Ikuyo Kita

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 128lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ikuyo has dyed red hair which she likes to keep at a length just below her shoulders. Her green eyes sparkle in the light as she walks and she is often well presented and tidy. She takes great care in how she looks and how she comes across to others, so her uniform is often spotless.

Being originally from Japan, she does have Japanese Facial Features and has a short and light build, however this is normal for Humans of her age and descendancy.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ikuto Kita
Mother Yui Kita
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kita, is an outgoing and 'cheerful character'. She isn't very fond of her first name 'Ikuyo' so prefers to go by her second name 'Kita'. She see's the good and positive in most situations and if often popular with others.

She is easy to befriend and has been described as a 'Joy to be around'. She is also pretty athletic, and enjoys a wide variety of different sports. She can sometimes fidget because she likes to keep moving and doesn't like sitting still.

Overall, she is a loyal and trustworthy friend who puts others first before herself, and is often seen as 'The Popular Girl' in most social circles
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Computers - Kita is very talented when it comes to computers. She has always been good at technology, especially since she entered Starfleet Academy. She has a mathmatical mind which helps her with programming and sorting of information.

Guitar & Music - Since High School Kita showed an interest in music. She plays electric guitar and has shown excellent talent for it. Her fine motor skill control is exceptional and she has 'Surgeon Hands' according to others, meaning she can keep her hands and fingers very still without shaking or moving.

Singing - Kita is a very good singer. Although she doesn't often sing in front of others, she has been known to peform before alone or with others if at a Jam Session. She does enjoy singing, especially in the shower.

Physical Fitness - She may look small, but she is a very fast runner when she needs to be. She also has excellent stamina when it come to physical exercise and general fitness. Her favourite type of exercise is swimming.

Hairdressing - Kita is very good at working with hair. She has often been told she would make a good hairdresser and she does enjoy trying different styles. Its almost as if she is a 'natural' at hair styling and colouring.


White Coat Hypertension - Kita hates anything to do with medical. She often feels faint in a medical situation and she has a deep phobia of blood or anything gory. She often has to be pursuaded to go to sickbay, and she hates being ill. She has been known to faint from this before.

Trypanophobia - Similar to the White Coat Hypertension, Kita is fearful of needles or injections. She won't look or have anything to do with medical equipment, including hyposprays if she can. She is probably the worst patient any doctor can have because if she has a chance to escape, she will take it and you won't catch her!

Upper Body Strength - Although athletic, she doesn't have very good upper body strength. Although she has been working to improve this, she can struggle with heavy items or equipment at times. She also prefers speed over strength when it comes to any sort of physical confrontation or skirmish. Not that she would ever try to be in one in the first place.

Closet Geek - Kita may be outgoing and social, but secretly she has a bit of a geeky side. She has a large collection of Manga Comic Books and memorabilia. Although this can be considered a hobby/interest, she considers it a weakness as she hides it from others and unlike others feel embarrassed by it.

Romance - Kita has always had boys fall for her and confess their love for her. However she has always turned them down. Truth is she is a little weary of romantic relationships and she doesn't really know how to approach them, this has made her come across at times as 'Playing hard to get' or some boys have stated 'She's out of their league'. Truth is, she just lacks confidence and does want a relationship and just wants someone who she can feel confident and safe with.
Ambitions Up the Ladder! - Kita wants to someday work her way up the ladder. She wouldn't mind having a crack at the command tract, however she believes she needs more confidence to do this. She believes she would make a good captain as she would 'get along with all the crew', but is a little weary that she would at times need to be strict. However at the moment she is happy with her current chief position.

Insert Family here! - Kita would one day like her own family. She adores children and has always wanted her own. However her weakness in accepting love from men has prevented her so far in this. She would really love to get married, get pregnant and have a baby of her own, in that order, one day.

Collect them all! - Being a secret geek, Kita does have a secret ambition to collect all of the Manga, collectibles and memorbilia that she likes. However as a hardcore collector she wants the real thing, not something replicated or a fake. She can be very particular about such things.

Rockstar! - Another secret ambition of Kita is she would one day like to be recognised for her music. She knows she would never make it as a rockstar or public idol due to her Starfleet Career. However some small sense of recognition for her music would be nice.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - 'So long and thanks for all the fish.' Its one of Kita's favourite sayings and you may get it more often than not when she says goodbye. However she really wants to one day visit every planet in the United Federation of Planets. She has been keeping a personal journal of all the planets she has visited and would like it to be complete. Also yes, as the little closet geek she is, the journal is called 'Kita's Hitchhikers Guide to the United Federation of Planets'.
Hobbies & Interests Music - Kita loves music in all forms. She enjoys playing guitar and finds it relaxing. She also loves singing and rocking out with others. She finds music more of an art form over anything else and loves writing her own songs. One day she does wish however to be recognised for her own music.

Geekism! - Kita is a closet geek. She loves everything geeky and different. From Japanese Manga & Anime to American Comic Books and super heroes. She loves them all and she has a large collection of memorabilia and collectibles. However she of often embarrassed by them so no one knows about it.

Sports - Although not a big sports fan when it comes to teams. She loves to compete in sports, especially swimming. Most girls would happily wear a bikini to pick up boys at a beach and as much as it does attract them, Kita will often be found in the water than on the sand! She also loves running and gymnastics when she gets some time.

Computers - A little bit of her geeky side, Kita loves computers. She is very good with computer programming especially holographic novel creation and holodeck programs. She has been known to reprogram broken computer programs to make them operational again.

Travelling - Kita loves visiting new places and meeting new people. Her job as a Starfleet Officers takes her to many new worlds across the galaxy. She wants to one day set foot on every member world of the Federation to add to her journal titled 'Kita's Hitchhikers Guide to the United Federation of Planets'.

Personal History Kita was born in Tokyo, in the district of Shimokitazawa. There she attended a local school when she was a child. As a child she was bright, outgoing, social and kind. From a very early age Kita showed interest and skill in computers and technology. She once got scolded in primary school for reprogramming her school computer console to sound different to the others. She often wanted to stand out from the other children and enjoyed being around others.

It was in high school that Kita really found herself. She was allowed by her parents to dye her hair. She chose to dye her hair bright red, which made her different from everyone else. She also had a large group of friends. Her outgoing and enthusiastic personality made her popular with others and she would often get love confessions from the boys. However she turned every one of them down.

It was also in her teenage years that she discovered that she enjoyed 'Geeky Things' as she calls it. However those who were classed as an 'Otaku' or 'Geek' were often discared or avoided by others. Kita didn't want to lose her friends or her popularity, so she decided to keep it quiet. She would wear sunglasses or hats when going into stores that sold collectables or memorobilia; so that no one notices her. She has kept this a secret of hers until the present day, she has vowed that only someone she will one day marry will know and maybe her children should she have any.

During high school, she also began to learn the guitar. She had been fascinated by music since she was a child. She self-taught herself the electric guitar and stunned the school in her first year at the school's culture festival. She peformed on stage in front of the entire school with music and a song she had written from scratch. This of course caused her to be popular and she often got requests to cover songs and to sing for people. She also loved singing happy birthday to people on lunch break when it was their birthday. Her voice was often described as 'Angelic' and 'Beautiful like her'. She would blush at these comments.

At age eighteen, in 2367 Kita graduated High School. She wasn't quite sure what to do, but she knew she wanted to do something that involved either Music, Computers or Mathematics her best subjects. She went to a career fair in the center of Tokyo and got talking at the Starfleet Recruitment Booth. She took home the application paperwork and filled it out. However she was hesitant to actually send it off. She wasn't sure it was for her. She left it on her desk for a few days and decided to go out street peforming with her guitar. Her father found the paperwork when cleaning and sat her down to talk to her. Kita expressed that she wasn't sure what she should do. Her father encouraged her to join into Starfleet. He also made it clear that he would be proud of her no matter what she ended up doing.

Kita submitted her application and then at the entrance exam for Starfleet Academy. She managed to get accepted into the officers program. Although she wasn't sure what field she wanted to go into, she had the option to go into 'General Officer Training' where you can choose a field later and train specially for that.

She was a big hit at Starfleet Academy during her years there. She was well likes by the other cadets and the instructors. She joined the Academy Swimming Team and often competed with other institutions including the Vulcan Science Academy and other Earth Bound Universities and Colleges. Her first year went smoothly as she was taught all the basics of serving in space and on a Starship. However she very nearly failed the first aid and medical section as she often felt lightheaded due to her fear of blood and medical related topics. She did however brave through it and was found shaking, sweating and as pale as a ghost by one of her roomates in the girls toilets after the exam. She was lucky to not pass out, but after a few hours she had come around and was back to being herself.

She had no idea where the fear of medical came from. So, she decided to stay away from that as much as she could. In her second year at the Academy she chose the field of Operations. She found she had a natural 'knack' so to speak to Starship Operations and computers. Her geeky interests and her mathmatical mind allowed her to easily navigate Starfleet Computers and programming. She also loves the orginisational part of Operations, especially since she likes collecting and organising her collectables.

Her third and fourth years at the Academy she excelled in Operations. She buckled down, hit the books hard, played hard, swam hard in the swimming team and became popular with her fellow cadets. She graduated in the top five per cent of her class and majored in Starship Computer Operations. She minored in Starship Damage Control. Her graduation was a happy day for her, her parents came to see her graduate and she enjoyed taking holo-photos with them and all of her classmates. She has a whole album of holo-photos dedicated to the day and has a photo with everyone in her year, even the people who were often left alone by others. To her they were all classmates, and now part of the Starfleet Family.

Kita gained the rank of Ensign and was assigned as a Junior Operations Officer aboard the USS Mayflower. This is where Kita started her own little project of keeping a journal of all the planets she had visited during her service. The first in the journal was Earth, her home planet followed by Vulcan, the first planet she visited that wasn't Earth. She had a rule though, she had to actually set foot on the planet for more than an hour to add it to the journal.

In 2379, Kita was put up for promotion by the first officer of the Mayflower. Commander Jefferson stated in her record the following: 'Ensign Kita is a lively and execeptional officer. She has not only demonstrated that she is skilled in Starship Operations, but has become a valued member of the crew. She has my attention as an officer who can be easily fastracked for a chief position. I feel confident in her abilities and her ambition to the job has rubbed off well on the crew. I have no problem promoting her to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, in fact its a pleasure to award her for her hard work and dedication'

In 2373 the Dominion War broke out and the Mayflower found itself on the front lines. Kita has never seen war before, she had never seen the horrors and the violence that came with it. The Mayflower was involved in a few skirmishes with the Jem'Hadar along the Cardassian Border, and was often on patrol duties. However when the War started to heighten, and with the loss of Deep Space Nine in 2373, the Mayflower was assigned to the 7th Fleet.

in 2374, the 7th Fleet was sent to stop the Jem'Hadar attack in the Tyra System. However it was a disaster with only fourteen out of one hundred twelve surviving. During the battle, Kita had been on the bridge of the Mayflower. The Operations Console had exploded when the Mayflower was hit by fire from four Jam'Hadar attack ships. The resulting explosion killed the ships Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Edmonson. Kita jumped into action and took over the position. She recieved several burns to her hands and injuries from shrapnel during the battle.

The Mayflower was badly crippled during the battle, however Kita managed to keep power flowing to the ships sheilds and weapons. Once the battle was over and the 7th fleet was in retreat, Kita collapsed. She was taken to sickbay and her wounds treated, however her injuries were not responsibility for her collapse. The real reason was that she was focusing too much on doing her own job and hadn't noticed the injuries on herself and others around her. Once she did notice her fear of blood took over and she fainted from the sight. Luckily Doctor Amato kept this quiet so she didn't feel embarrassed.

Later that year the 7th fleet along with the Mayflower were sent to Sybaron to knock back the Jem'Hadar. The fleet once again suffered heavy losses, with the Mayflower taking heavy damage. Just before the skirmish had ended, Commander Edmonson was killed when the roof support beam collapsed crushing him.

Kita did attend the service for Edmonson. It was the first time she had cried since she was a young child.

Kita stayed on the Mayflower which was patched up throughout the war with the Dominion. The Mayflower served as a command vessel temporarily when the USS Ulysses was destroyed in the Tibor Nebula during the operation to cut off the Dominon's Supply Lines. Towards the end of the war in 2375, the Mayflower still assigned to the 7th Fleet was sent on a counter offensive against the Cardassians in the Kalandra Sector.

The crew of the Mayflower celebrated the signing of the treaty of Bajor in style. They threw a party to celebrate the Federations Victory. Kita pulled out her guitar and sang a song for the crew. Even though the song was upbeat and more 'Rock' she made sure to honour those who were no longer with them.

Due to the intense damage suffered during the war, the Mayflower was due to be decommisioned. Starfleet needed to focus on its larger ships and the smaller older ships were getting written off. After all it was more efficient and cheaper in materials to build new ships than repair older ones.

Luckily, most of the crew of the Mayflowe stayed together. Starfleet believes that crews that had served together in the war were 'Close knitted' and many officers often refered to their crew mates as family, or closer. After all many had faced death together and many had come out alive, however many more hadn't. Captain Paterson of the Mayflower approached Kita and offered her the job of Operations Officer aboard his new Command, the USS Okinawa.

Kita gladly accepted and was assigned as the Assistant Chief Operations Officer aboard the Okinawa. The Okinawa, one of Starfleets new Galaxy Class Starships was only half finished. During the war, Starfleet had been rushing the construction of starships meaning many of the larger ships had been only half built and only made ready for combat.

The Okinawa spent the first three months in drydock after her official launch having the systems and areas installed that hadn't been necessary during the war. These included science labs, civilian areas, holodecks, and crew quarters. Such ships during the war had miminal luxuries as Starfleet needed 'Every Phaser Bank on the frontline!'. Kita helped oversee the installation of these systems turning back what was a ship of war, back into a ship of exploration and peace.

The next three and a half years on the Okinawa were rough for the ships crew. The ship was mainly tasked with providing aid and reconstruction of worlds ravaged by the Jem'Hadar and Cardassians. Although Kita saw lots of destruction and broken people, she enjoyed bringing smiles to their faces and filling them with hope. She also added all the planets she visited and helped to her journal.

However, it was short lived as the Okinawa was called back from relief efforts. Starfleet needed to assemble a fleet of Starships to assist the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 E, against the Reman Warbird, Scimitar. The Okinawa was assigned to the fleet, however never saw action due to the Scimitar being destroyed at the sacrifice of Lieutenant Commander Data of the USS Enterprise.

The Okinawa did however assist the Enterprise is getting back to spacedock. A few months later, Kita was approached by Captain Paterson. He had seen her develop into a fine and capable officer, but told her that she needed a 'Push in the right direction' to excel and really shine. Luckily, the position of Chief Operations Officer had become available on a new Nova Class Starship, and he had served under the previous captain before. The Eclipse's new Commander was coming out of retirement, and Captain Paterson put in a good word for Kita. He hoped that his old Captain would accept another young officer like himself and turn her into a diamond.

With that said, Kita accepted the challenge and put in for a transfer to the USS Eclipse.
Service Record 2367 - 2371 - Starfleet Academy
2371 - 2373 - USS Mayflower - Junior Operations Officer [Ensign]
2373 - 2375 - USS Mayflower - Operations Officer [Lieutenant Junior Grade]
2375 - 2379 - USS Okinawa - Assistant Chief Operations Officer [Lieuenant Junior Grade]
2379 - ???? - USS Eclipse -Chief Operations Officer [Rank Pending]