Café 84

Posted on Mon Jan 16th, 2023 @ 9:11pm by Captain Aven LaCroix

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Mission: Mission 1: House of The Dying Sun
Location: Starbase 84 | Esplanade

The esplanade of Starbase 84 was a delightful walkway through the hustle and bustle of the heart of the starbase's residential and commercial area, with offshoot pathways leading around the starbase. Various restaurants, bars, shops, and more were strewn about on either side of pathways and down the esplanade. So much had remained the same aboard Starbase 84, and yet so much had changed over the years. It had been sometime since Aven LaCroix had paid a visit to Starbase 84, and this time his visitation was for work, not pleasure. His starship, The Eclipse was moored at the starbase after having undergone a shakedown cruise to ensure all the gremlins were located and taken care of now rather than after the USS Eclipse with Captain Aven LaCroix took command of the starship and headed out into space for their first formal mission.

Café Eighty-Four the illuminated sign read. Aven looked up and smiled. One of those things that remained the same with all the change was that his favorite little café was still operating albeit the staff looked different, and he suspected ownership had changed. It was charming little place with cafe style chairs were arranged about to seat two per table comfortably, though a third could be pulled up if necessary. Aven opted to sit alone and enjoy his required reading which was not as desirable as the book he had been reading for leisure.

Seated at a table all by himself, he minded his own business. When one of the waitstaff arrived to take his order, he kept it simple and to the point though finished his order with a polite tone and kind smile. A croissant with a side of jam, and cortado to drink. As for his required reading, he fiddled and thumbed around with a PADD as he scrolled through what felt like dozens of copy & paste command level officers who had been seeking transfer or were eligible for the position of First Officer for the Eclipse, but Captain LaCroix wanted something different. He wanted someone who stood out, and the first ten candidates were a quick skim and a swift swipe left.

The waitress returned moments later with his order and carefully placed the plate and mug down, catching a glimpse of the information on the PADD. It wasn't exactly confidential information, but it was not exactly something Aven wanted to be read by prying eyes. He looked up at the woman. He smiled at her and thanked her, but his blue eyes also expressed the reprimand of a grandfather. "They keep pressuring me to select on these individuals to be my First Officer."

She made some small talk with him. "What's the problem? Not qualified for the job?"

Aven spread some jam on his croissant. "No, no, my dear. They are perfectly well qualified for the position of First Officer. Some of them have even been First Officer elsewhere before, a few probably are only a year or two away from a command of their own. Perhaps too qualified. I'm looking for something else...these don't have it."

"I hope you find it," the waitress replied. "What you are looking for" she added for clarification as she walked away to tend to another table where two Vulcans were seated. Perhaps I am too fussy he mused for a moment, but another look through those ten applicants was enough for him to double down on his previous thoughts.

No. These just were not the right people for the position. If he needed to be firm about it, he would. If Admiralty did not have current options that were appropriate for him, Aven would leave Starbase 84 without a chosen First Officer, and if he needed to go across the galaxy to acquire his ideal First Officer, he would defiantly do so.

There were perks to being an old man, especially one with a rather spotless service record that shone like polished brass. His former First Officers had surpassed him over the years to become Captains in their own right, and one was currently a Rear Admiral. There were plenty of Admirals that owed a debt of gratitude or another to Aven. He would remind them of that if it became necessary.

Taking a sip of his coffee, Aven took a look around at the café wondering if any of the enlisted personnel or officers seated were also going to the Eclips. There was a bunch of men and women in uniform. Aven's key responsibility was selecting a First Officer, upper command had decided the majority of his crew, department heads included on his behalf.



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