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Lieutenant JG Karri

Name Karri

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft10
Weight 120
Hair Color Tan fur. Darker hair
Eye Color yellow
Physical Description Semi tall caitian female, athletic build to a degree. Fur the color of sand.

Yellow feline eyes

Hair semi short, kept in a ponytai


Personality & Traits

General Overview Not a "girly girl" by any stretch of the imagination, she knows her way around life in general.

Karri isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, open to doing anything that helps her get her goals accomplished.

So naturally, shes done things she's not particularly proud of. But she doesn't dwell on it
Strengths & Weaknesses Years on a freighter has made her a "cat of all trades" so she can be pretty handy generally

Ambitions Do her job
Hobbies & Interests She more or less keeps to herself. But she does have interest in watching the odd sporting events

Personal History The first years of Karris life were simple, more or less. Well as simple as life can get born on a broken down old freighter. As early as about 5 she spent her days crawling about in Jeffries tubes because her parents couldn't fit. It was a hard life, but it had it's compensations

She had a family. A home. Food. That's more than most people had. Then the dominion war started.

Karris parents were sharp cookies. They figured that war meant weapons. So they started running weapons to whoever had the biggest pocketbook.

This led them right into the arms of the Klingon empire. Or so it seemed. What they were dealing with were members of the house of Duras. But they didnt find out till a deal went south.

They met up with a Duras ship. Then as soon as they stuff was about to change hands more klingon ships declared. A short firefight ensued, resulting in Karri being pushed into an escape pod.

Tears streaming down her face she jettisoned amidst a battle. She drifted towards the starfleet ship. She was tractored just as her home disappeared under Duras weapons fire.

Being rescued by Starfleet had its benefits. She immediately joined starfleet, where she joined security. And was there for a little bit until a trip to a counselor early on in her career. Throught the course of her sessions it turned out her desire for security stemmed from a desire to "get back" and it wasnt really her. So she basically did a u turn in her life, going back to the academy for medical school

From there she was assigned to the starship ottawa before being transferred to the USS Eclipse
Service Record Freighter Cats meow

USS Charles Tucker
Security Officer

Starfleet Academy post grad medical